Saturday 16 December 2017

Editorial: Fine Gael should focus on the real issues

Enda Kenny
Enda Kenny

WIll Enda Kenny serve as Taoiseach for another full term? Is Leo Varadkar a dead cert for next leader of Fine Gael?

Such speculative questions, which have featured in political coverage in recent days, may seem a little premature to anyone not preoccupied with the ins and outs of life on Kildare Street.

The fact is that most voters – the ones Messrs Kenny and Varadkar rely on for their careers – are far from decided on what the composition of the next government will be, and it’s far from certain that Fine Gael will be part of it.

At present the Government party, and its TDs, would be best advised to focus on repairing the reputational damage to their administration caused by the cack-handed launch of Irish Water, not to mention the ongoing crisis in the country’s A&Es.

These issues, and not those of leadership or succession, are what concern voters. With an election campaign imminent, Fine Gael would do well to focus on them.

Phone use not so smart

Who of us hasn’t been at a live music event and witnessed a batch of smartphones held in the air, filming the performance?

This doesn’t happen as often in the theatre, thankfully, but  Gate Theatre boss Michael Colgan has blasted the practice – after actor Benedict Cumberbatch was forced to ask fans not to film him on stage in London.

It’s hard to believe that someone would pay out good money to watch a production only to spend time recording it on their phones, rather than enjoying the performance.

The issue is a something of a modern ill.

Smartphones are, for most of us, a necessity of life, but there are times when they are unnecessary.

What’s the point of filming or photographing for posterity when you’re missing out on the moment itself?

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