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Editorial: Fat cats can sit tight and smile at cuts

The country's judges are being targeted for a 31pc salary cut to appease the public's appetite for a cut in all high salaries.

It seems, however, that similar stringent measures are not to be taken against the current heads of semi-State companies whose salaries exceed the pay of most judges.

Even ESB boss Padraig McManus has refused to reveal if he will accept an appeal by the Government to take a cut in his €400,000 salary.

In the case of the judges, if the autumn referendum goes against them they will be forced to accept cuts.

For the semi-State executives on extortionate salaries Minister Brendan Howlin can only ask, not force, existing semi-state bosses to take a 15pc voluntary pay cut.

The general salary caps which the minister has announced apply to future appointments.

Meanwhile those on huge salaries can just sit tight and smile.