Saturday 19 January 2019

Editorial: Families hit with double whammy

FAMILIES are to be hit with two new bills on their homes from as early as next January. Environment Minister Phil Hogan's plan to introduce an "interim household charge" from the start of 2012 will be a precursor to a property tax.

It will be a flat-rate household charge with the exact amount yet to be determined. Householders will also have to pay water charges with the installation of water meters in homes starting early next year.

Homes will be effectively hit with a "double whammy" of property and water charges. Many will see the new charges as stealth taxes, inflicting more pain on families struggling to pay mortgages and levies on reduced incomes.

It is the last news families under severe pressure need at the moment. The EU/IMF deal requires the Government to introduce a property tax next year. The Minister should not be surprised, even with his Dail majority, if public anger at this latest tax builds up a head of steam in coming months.

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