Sunday 20 January 2019

Editorial: Everything to play for in election

WITH just a week to go, the General Election campaign is entering its final stages. In some ways it has seemed a long campaign, but a necessary one as voters get the chance to analyse what is on offer from the various parties.

The crucial vote comes after a traumatic few years, culminating in the IMF/EU bailout and the virtual disintegration of the Fianna Fail/Green coalition government.

To judge by the opinion polls, Fianna Fail, under its new leader Micheal Martin, is set for a hammering at the ballot box.

The once almost foregone conclusion of a Fine Gael/Labour government is up in the air while independent candidates could prove to be the surprise card in the pack.

Seven days left and everything is still to play for, with the electorate focusing hard on each party's policies on the economy and job creation.

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