Thursday 18 January 2018

Editorial: Dublin gangs kill in broad daylight

The crime scene on Church Avenue
The crime scene on Church Avenue

THE cold-blooded murder of a man in Drumcondra yesterday was further evidence – if it were needed – of the impunity with which Dublin’s gangs feel they can operate.

The victim, Paul Kavanagh, was shot dead in a laneway close to a primary school, a college, a busy supermarket and one of the busiest roads on the northside.

The murder was carried out at 11.30am, as local people went about their daily business.

Those who carried out this killing were clearly happy to do so – and make good their escape – despite all of these factors.

Such an attitude shows a complete, and yet predictable, disregard for the law and for innocent citizens of Dublin –

who could easily have been injured or worse as the gunmen carried out the killing.

Gardai are currently hunting the individuals behind this murder. We wish them success – such arrogant, cold-blooded killers must be taken off the streets.


Disbelief over co-pilot’s act

HOW could a pilot deliberately crash his own plane?

That’s the question many will ask after it emerged that the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane deliberately flew his own aircraft into the ground.

While such incidents have previously occurred as a result of accidents or terrorist acts, the crashing of a plane due to a co-pilot’s actions is a frightening new occurrence.

Shocking as it is, however, we must bear in mind that such an event is so rare as to be almost without precedent.

Flying is safer today than at any point in the past – despite the tragic events in the Alps this week.

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