Friday 18 January 2019

Editorial: Don't despair over latest bailout bid

The Fianna Fail decision to hang a €10bn noose around the neck of the incoming Government will have left many voters completely downhearted.

Postponing the next cash injection into the banks until after the election gives voters the feeling that no matter who comes to power, their hands will be tied by decisions already made with no glimmer of hope for the future.

We must not take that despairing view. This is a democracy. We still have choices and so does any incoming Government. Changes can be made, however small. Decisions can be tweaked for the better.

We urge voters not to despair, not to take the view that casting a vote is a waste of time.

Listen carefully to the details of what each party is offering and then get out and make a choice that will secure a better future for everyone.

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