Saturday 19 January 2019

Editorial: Disgrace of HSE's 'lost' children

THAT children have been going missing from HSE care for years and ending up in the sex trade is shocking -- but the fact that this revelation comes by way of WikiLeaks is nothing less than scandalous.

HSE officials made the shocking admission at a private briefing of diplomats from the American embassy, saying that children in their care had been going missing and ending up as sex slaves for three years.

The disclosures were contained in cables subsequently made public through whistle-blowing organisation WikiLeaks.

According to one such cable, the HSE said some children who went missing from care were later traced to brothels and legitimate businesses all over the country where they were used as domestic slaves.

We knew that the HSE was a mess throughout these past years but it took leaked diplomatic cables from the US embassy to reveal just what a joke the organisation is.

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