Friday 14 December 2018

Editorial: David Norris campaign on the brink

THE 'David Norris for President' campaign seems to be on the brink of collapse. Just a couple of weeks ago, opinion polls made him the clear favourite. Since then, however, the Senator's bid has been derailed by a series of controversial statements he has made in the past about incest, paedophilia and the age of consent.

Nobody who knows Norris could believe for one second that he condones child abuse. His record on human rights is second to none.

However, Norris's attempts to explain himself have been less than convincing. He has tried to defend his position by pointing out that pederasty (sexual relations between older men and boys) was common in Ancient Greece. That may be true, but he is not running for election in Ancient Greece -- he wants to be president of 21st century Ireland.

Norris has vowed to continue and claims that the Irish people will stand by him. But unless he can convince enough councils to put his name on the ballot paper, we will not even get the chance.

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