Friday 24 November 2017

Editorial: Clerys staff deserve a lot better

Clerys Department store which has closed for business on O' Connell Street, Dublin
Clerys Department store which has closed for business on O' Connell Street, Dublin

THE treatment of 460 Clerys’ workers in recent days has been – in the words of Jobs Minister Richard Bruton - “appalling”.

But it’s more than that. It’s despicable, insulting and offensive to workers who spent decades at the store, and to generations of loyal shoppers.

The owners left it to the liquidator to tell their staff that they were out of a job at 5.30pm on a Friday evening.

Clerys’ new owners, Natrium Ltd, have refused to comment on the entire situation, let alone meet with staff.

Some 460 people, their dependents and families, have concerns about getting redundancy and holiday pay.

Union reps are meeting the liquidator, KPMG, today to clarify the situation for workers.

We’ll await the outcome of this, but statutory redundancy appears to be all that Clerys workers will get.

A protest is planned outside Clerys at 12pm today. Workers deserve the public’s support.


Coins plan makes sense

PROPOSALS to withdraw 1c and 2c coins from circulation are common sense.

These coins are of less practical use than any other, as their low worth leads people to stockpile them.

The result of this is that more must be minted, which is expensive as it costs 1.65c to make a 1c coin, and 2.07c to

make a 2c coin.

Add to this retailers’ support for scrapping them – businesses argue it will make pricing simpler – and the fact that five

EU states have already adopted it, and it’s clear that such an initiative should be brought in here.

There are downsides – fears of price mark-ups by retailers and lower incomes for coin-collecting charities – but on balance the plan is a good


It should be adopted as soon as possible.

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