Wednesday 17 January 2018

Editorial: Clamping fees should not be hiked

DUBLIN City Council wants to raise the clamp-release charge in the city from €80 to €130, it’s reported.

A senior official has pointed out that the fee has not been raised since 1998 and that the clamping system currently costs €7m to run but only brings in revenue of €4.2m.

But neither of these facts are a reason to raise the fees.

Are the incomes of many much higher now than they were in 1998?

Should it fall to motorists to make up the shortfall if the Council can’t keep clamping costs down?

Let’s be clear. Those who park illegally should be clamped. But €80 is enough.

The vast majority of Dubliners view €80 as a considerable amount for a single fine – the Council’s view that the sum

is not a deterrent is therefore debatable.

Just months ago bus, rail and Luas fares went up. Now it’s proposed that clamping release fees should also rise.

At this rate why would families or shoppers come into the city at all?


Top marks to Skerries

WHEN it comes to the tourist jewels of Europe most of us are familiar with the usual ones – Prague, Barcelona or Rome.

Add to that list, in some people’s eyes, the north Dublin town of Skerries.

A reputable blog this week cast the town as one of Europe’s top 10 most beautiful cities, towns or villages.

It may not have a Trevi Fountain or a Charles Bridge, but anyone who’s enjoyed a sunset on the harbour or a picnic at Ardgillan Castle won’t need any further convincing of Skerries’ charms.

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