Friday 20 July 2018

Editorial: City stun gun attack is terrifying

THE terrifying use of a stun gun to violent effect during an apparent 'car jacking' incident in our capital city is a despicable and dangerous new low for criminals.

A man pushed a defenceless woman to the ground in a quiet residential street in Drumcondra and caught her in the face with the potentially lethal device which unleashes a brutal electric jolt.

She was left lying injured in the road while he drove off in her car, not caring if she was seriously hurt or even dead.

Stun guns are easily concealed as they come in various sizes, are easily available in parts of the continent and can even be ordered over the internet.

The Gardai and Customs should widen their search for such devices which can be used to such frightening effect.

And the courts must impose the severest penalties for their possession and use.

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