Sunday 23 September 2018

Editorial: Church role in weddings is not the issue

Dr Eamon Martin
Dr Eamon Martin

THE Catholic Church, like any organisation, is entitled to run its business as it sees fit.

If it decides not to continue performing the civil part of wedding ceremonies in the wake of ‘Yes’ vote on same-sex marriage, then good luck to it.

However, when it embarks on its next bout of soul searching, as congregations dwindle, it should think back to issues like this one.

The leader of the Catholic church in Ireland, Dr Eamon Martin, yesterday suggested that having priests continue with the civil part of wedding ceremonies would be an issue, if same-sex marriage is approved on May 22.


While fully entitled to his views, one would have thought that Dr Martin and his colleagues would be doing everything possible to attract more people to the Church, rather than drive them away.

The fact is that the May 22 vote concerns civil – not religious – marriage, as Tanaiste Joan Burton has pointed out.

The Church can do as it see fit, but the electorate may well disagree.

Diplomatic name choice

SHE’S only three days old – but Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge is already the highest profile baby in the world.

The new arrival has dominated the news headlines since she was born last Saturday, with much of the initial coverage speculating on what she would be called.

The wait ended yesterday when it was announced that the new British royal would be named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
One can only imagine the consideration that was put into this name – containing as it does an honourable mention of the infant’s grandmother
and great-grandmother.
But the most honourable mention of all may be to the baby’s commoner aunt – Pippa Charlotte Middleton.

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