Friday 19 January 2018

Editorial: Bullying toll on obese children

Ireland is set to become the most obese nation in Europe
Ireland is set to become the most obese nation in Europe

It is well known that Ireland has an worsening obesity problem.

Such a issue can lead to a number of knock-on problems, related to but separate from physical health.

One of these problems, among obese children, is bullying. A leading psychologist at Temple Street Children’s Hospital has stated that seven in 10 obese children being treated there say they have been bullied.

One in 10 of these have experienced bullying that is so severe that it could result in self-harm or depression.

In many cases these children refuse to go to school, such is their dread of the bullying, which takes place in person or online.

The damage that this is causing many Irish children is frightening.

Obesity can be a challenge to confront and treat – compounding the issue with bullying makes it all the harder to deal with.

Whether linked to obesity or not, such bullying is completely unacceptable.


Defeat for Dubs heroes

In the end it wasn’t to be.

Despite a valiant effort by the Dublin ladies’ footballers Cork emerged triumphant in yesterday’s All-Ireland final.

Captain Lyndsey Davey and her team mates put in a sterling performance but it wasn’t enough to stop Cork from claiming their 10th title in 11 years.

The result was doubly heart-breaking for the Dublin team as this is the second year in a row that they have been defeated by Cork in the final.

It may be cold comfort today but the Dublin footballers can take heart from the fact that they pressed Cork to their limit – and showed the battling qualities that Dublin GAA is now renowned for.

Thanks to all the players for all the entertainment in this year’s championship – you’ll be back on top before long.

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