Tuesday 18 December 2018

Editorial: Brave mum Rhoda must be a priority

THE plight of brave Dublin cancer sufferer Rhoda Crosbie, who must discontinue potentially life-saving chemotherapy treatment in order to look after her children, is a distressing story and one that will strike a chord in the hearts of single mums, many of whose worst fear is becoming seriously ill when there is no one else to care for their family.

The mum of three has only recently completed a round of physically and psychologically harrowing chemotherapy for her breast cancer but she says she cannot go on because she can't afford to spend any more time away from her children as there is no one to look after them.

Incredibly, the courageous mother's pleas to Dublin City Council for help have been turned down because she is 'not a priority case'.

But if a desperate mother stricken with a life-threatening illness and torn between treatment and the care of her children is not a priority case, what on earth is?

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