Monday 21 January 2019

Editorial: Bonuses for NAMA staff a disgrace

THE revelation that the majority of staff in NAMA and the National Treasury Management Agency shared a €2m bonus pot in 2010 will anger many taxpayers.

Unfortunately, many will not be surprised that most staff in these agencies got an average bonus payment of €7,681 each last year.

The huge salaries and bonuses unveiled almost on a daily basis in the semi-state sector is an affront to citizens who are struggling to get by.

It might surprise those in the semi-states, but most workers in the private sector have suffered savage wages cuts -- and never get a bonus.

The Government rightly says that performance-related perks are not acceptable as spending is slashed.

The message may be slowly getting through -- a row between Government and Dublin Airport Authority ended with its chief executive declining a €106,000 bonus. People earning the most need to learn they must also pay up -- and without equivocation or excuses.

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