Saturday 18 November 2017

Editorial: Balance in pedestrian plan for city

An artist's impression of DCC/NTA's transport plan for College Green
An artist's impression of DCC/NTA's transport plan for College Green

Plans to pedestrianise parts of Dublin city centre have received a broad welcome from Dubliners in recent weeks.

While it would undoubtedly opening up the city to more people could pedestianisation have a negative economic effect?

Many city business owners believe it would. An Irish Car Parking Association survey has been released which shows that the proposals could lead to a 24pc drop in revenue from shopping and entertainment.

This is a serious finding and if it proved to be the case it could have serious effects on the vibrancy of the city centre, which is recovering from recent years of recession.

Few people will oppose a cut in cars and traffic in the city centre, the most congested area of Dublin.

But Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority must act with foresight when it comes to deciding on the plan.

For the good of all citizens a balance should be found between pedestrianisation and business interests.


Heroism of two gardai

EVERY day members of An Garda Siochana perform life-saving acts – often at considerable risk to their own safety.

They don’t often make the news but those who benefit don’t forget.

The actions of Dublin-based garda Diarmuid O’Donovan are an example of this.

The Kevin Street detective risked his life to enter a burning apartment in a housing complex last Saturday, saving the life of a 72-year-old woman inside.

He carried out the daring rescue with a colleague, Sgt James O’Brien, and both officers should be commended for the actions.

Few of us are faced with life-or-death situations in our work, or forced to take action at risk to our safety.

Yet gardai do – and all citizens are grateful and appreciative of that.

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