Wednesday 19 September 2018

Editorial: Attackers of tourists must be caught

Swords Castle
Swords Castle

THINGS have come to a sorry pass in our capital city if an 80-year-old tourist cannot go sightseeing without being terrorised by a gang of youths – who then attack her companions.

Yet that’s what occurred at Swords Castle in north county Dublin last Saturday, when three American visitors were subjected to a violent ordeal at the hands of a group of young thugs.

The man and woman, in their 20s, were struck a number of times – leading to the man being hospitalised.

The 80-year-old woman was forced to witness the attack.

The gang then robbed an inexpensive camera from the tourists before running off.

To their credit, locals in Swords came to the tourists’ assistance afterwards – and we hope this went some way to easing their distress.

Despite this the perpetrators remain at a large today.

They must be caught, prosecuted and their case publicised. We value visitors to our country – it is unacceptable when they are attacked in this way.


Dirt not the main issue

THE pavements on Grafton Street were refurbished at a cost of €4m and at considerable disruption to pedestrians and businesses.

It’s a pity then that, just months after works were completed, local business owners are reportedly complaining about the streetscape.

One city councillor says he’s been told by shop owners that the grey paving looks dirty, that intersections with adjoining streets are not clear

and that they preferred the old redbrick surface.

While issues of cleanliness have been raised in the past the street surface has improved greatly from the broken-up pavement that previously existed.

As the long as the City Council keep the streets clean surely business owners should worry less about the street surface, and more about how many shoppers walk on it?

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