Wednesday 13 December 2017

Dublin is a great city - it only took this country blow-in 20 years to realise it


I guess many were surprised to hear that, of all the cities on the planet, Dublin has been ranked by Lonely Planet as the third best to visit next year.

Many of us recall that the country has often been labelled a 'kip' (remember Eamon Dunphy on the The Late Late Show?) And that Dublin has often fared poorly in the Tidy Towns' competition. And that many visitors have complained about being ripped off, have been mugged, or just think this cead mile failte stuff is a load of old guff.

As a resident for near 20 years it's really only since I've had kids in the last couple of years that I've felt like I am actually beginning to belong in Dublin, or feel part of the city as opposed to just resorting to the 'well sure I had to come to Dublin to go to college and get a job' stuff.

The things I love most about the capital include the transport. Honestly. Luas and Dublin Bikes make moving about no bother. If you're near them that is.


Dublin on a Sunday morning is great too. Not a weekday and not a Saturday morning, mind you, and not too early, in case they haven't cleaned up the beer bottles and takeaway wrappers.

But there's nothing like the quiet on a Sunday morning in the city. Heading for a breakfast with the papers. And in the evening pints in Kehoe's or Grogan's - enough said.

And there's Airfield - the urban farm, in case I get the DTs from being away from my agrarian roots. Or The Zoo for when I'm feeling global, and then there's Imaginosity for the kids.

I'm sure Dubs will now say 'in yer face, boggers. Yiz aren't a patch on us'. Well lads, this muck slapper has moved parish - to yours.

Mind you I'll always be a Tipp and Munster supporter - I'll leave the Dubs and Leinster to the kids. But it's nice remembering the things that make me happy in town - now that the city slickers have stamped my visa.

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