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Dublin Cycling Campaign is going the wrong way down a one way street

LET me state for the record, once and for all, that I believe the vast majority of city cyclists to be decent folk.

You can see them everywhere around town with their visibility jackets, helmets and bicycle clips patiently waiting at traffic lights for green to go, and going the right way down one way streets.

They are nice people, and I like them - clear?

Last week, when I brought to your attention the tiny minority of bicycle nuts who want to treat Dublin city as their own private playground, I was somewhat bemused by the reaction.

It came in the form of a vitriolic, volcanic bombardment of abuse, anger and seething paranoia from a type of cyclist we will from here on call the Lycra Lout.

The Lycra Louts have been up in arms in the past week and all because we dared to highlight their madcap revolution which allows for an all out jihad against the non-cycling, rules-of-the-road abiding, city dwellers.

You read it here first that the Dublin Cycling Campaign want to go the wrong way down one way streets, break red lights and basically introduce rules that would no doubt end up with serious injury or even death to their number.

Within hours of the jocular piece running in the Herald the Lycra Lout lobby was spitting spokes and saddlebags, which all manifested itself with some of the most terrific internet abuse I have ever received.

Although, I had wondered it for some time, my Twitter account confirmed I was 'stupid', 'pathetic', 'a moron', 'an idiot', 'a p***k' and most brilliant of all from a Dad of three whose second name happen to be 'Dick' -- 'A c**kface'.

If Mr Dick and his band of merry monsters all proved one thing to this casual observer, it's that my suspicion that there is a lunatic fringe of bicycle clip-wearing whack jobs stalking our city streets, is correct.

To celebrate the minority of deranged city cyclists and their barmy revolution I want to revel in something that is the complete opposite -- smart, smooth and sophisticated.

The Mondeo ECO is the antidote to the bonkers bicyclist.

It's one of the most complete cars on the road, thanks to a mixture of modest sized motor mixed with big car driving.

The 'small car' bit of the Mondeo ECO is an impressive 1.6 litre TDCi engine, which is not all that insignificant but it felt a lot greater than say a 2.0 litre variety.

The performance of the Mondeo is not the whole story but it certainly is worth discussing a little more.

Acceleration was deliciously pacy and speed was a contributing factor of the overall take-off, which bangs in with a surprisingly modest 113bhp.

The other big story with the ECO is the look and shape of the newest Mondeo on the road

It is something of a beauty, even by the impressive Ford family standards.

There are sleek aggressive lines surrounding snazzy LED daytime running lights and a crouching tiger sleekness that marries together beauty and brilliance.

Extras include Driver Assist Pack to help with parking.

The Mondeo starts at €26,295.