Sunday 20 January 2019

Dr Who ... but viewers might ask Dr Why?

kI get the impression that Peter Capaldi might not have been the best choice for Dr Who. He was an interesting choice, don't get me wrong, and one that got a lot of publicity. He is such a wonderful actor and was brilliant in The Thick of It. But as the Doctor? No one is raving about the show - people aren't smitten. And one should always be a bit smitten with the Doctor.

PPeople just love their dogs. I don't get it myself, but I have seen the grief that people experience when they lose their pets. What must be even more upsetting is when an animal is stolen, which is what Twink is going through over the last few days. Someone has stolen her dog 'Teddy' and she is devastated. I hope that whoever took it brings it back to her.

GG'wan The Kingdom! Well done to Kerry for their All-Ireland win. It wasn't the most interesting match. In fact it was not great at all, but we Dubs are of course delighted that the team that beat us didn't win the championship.

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