Tuesday 22 January 2019

Do the maths and make use of Aoibhinn

II'm delighted to hear that Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain has just completed her doctorate in Mathematics in TCD. She will walk straight into a new job this Autumn, taking on a lecturing role in UCD, teaching maths to undergraduates. Aoibhinn is a long-way removed from your average, single-skilled TV presenter, and refreshingly seems to view her TV and radio work as a sideline to her less high-profile profession, rather than the other way around. The only regret is that she is applying her considerable talents to teaching spotty teenagers. After all, I can think of one organisation which is desperately in need of her ability with numbers. The permanently loss-making national broadcaster.

eEoghan McDermott has been forced to reveal his darkest secret - that he once auditioned for RTE's talent search Popstars, out of which the band Six were formed in early 2002. When his audition was played on radio this week, Eoghan joked: "We all wanted fame and fortune... some people have done dodgy things." He seems to forget that his fellow RTE presenters, Brian Ormond and Emma O'Driscoll, also auditioned for the same band, Brian making it into the final 12, and Emma into the band itself. So what Eoghan should be embarrassed about is not that he entered the competition but that he failed to make it beyond the first round.

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