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Darts hits the bullseye for me -- referees and all

WHAT is it about darts that absolutely enthralls me? On Sunday, I watched the young buck Jimmy Hendricks (I know! How cool a name) knock out Martin Adams in the World Darts Championships.

Jamelia in tune for Voice contest

JIT looks like Jamelia is going to win The Voice. And I don't mean one of her singers, because we all know Bressie's singer won last year because of Bressie. It was hilarious, the three other coaches paled into insignificance as the performers gravitated towards her. She's the new kid on the block, and she's kicking ass.

Neeson's a truly unlikely prude

vSO Liam Neeson thinks sex has lost its sanctity. For someone who has lived the Hollywood life, was a young man in the 70s and labelled one of the world's sexiest stars, it seems a little strange that he should be coming out with such fuddy-duddy stuff.