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Darren's round-the-coast charity marathon

SOMETIMES you hear of normal people doing exceptional things -- these are truly the most inspirational people in life.

Darren Duane has decided to walk and cycle around the coast of Ireland for the month of August, in memory of his mother Margaret who died of ovarian cancer 15 years ago.

Each day he will run 10km, complete two 40km cycles and end the day with a 10km run.

You can join him at any stage of the journey, as he raises money for cancer awareness. If you're interested in joining Darren or donating to his cause, look up www.journeyformags.com

I KNEW about spam emails, ones that either told you you had won 1,500,000,000 Nigerian pounds from some prince in trouble (surely he knows I never bought that rich prince story) but it seems there are strange texts going around now. My mother has received several, enquiring about her bank details.

Golden rule -- don't give any bank details to anyone you don't know.