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Conor is Putin' his foot in it yet again


McGregor and Putin

McGregor and Putin

McGregor and Putin

What did you think when you saw the Conor McGregor and Vladimir Putin photograph? Both men seemed very happy to smile for the cameras (well, I think Putin was smiling - it's hard to tell with that rigid face).

The fighter wrote on his Instagram account: "This man is one of the greatest leaders of our time and I was honoured to attend such a landmark event alongside him. Today was an honour for me Mr Putin".

Did you admire McGregor? Did the man from Crumlin go up in your estimation? Did you think he had every right to be there, hugging the President of Russia?

Or did it cross your mind, like it did mine, that he has no sense of responsibility, no understanding of this man's horrendous track record on human rights? That basically, McGregor doesn't give a damn about anything apart from stardom and making money?

The Dubliner has become one of the wealthiest and best-known stars in the last five years. After the Mayweather fight it is estimated that McGregor earned $100m. From advertising and other earnings, its safe to say that he is a very, very wealthy man.


His fans adore him. To come from Crumlin and make your way onto an international stage is admirable.

I'm from that part of Dublin, and I would feel that what he has achieved is nothing short of a miracle. He not only brought global recognition to himself, but to a sport that was teetering away in the background, entertaining the die-hard fans.

With the fight against Mayweather, the fans were now singers, actors, rappers and billionaires, instead of just the lads who have been to all the MMA fights since the '90s.

So maybe we should just leave the man alone and let him hang out with, party with, and take photos with whoever the hell he likes.

But let's just take a look at the other man in the photo - Vladimir Putin.

In the 2018 report by Human Rights Watch, they found that in Russia "…the government increased its crackdown against political opposition and took new steps to stifle independent voices online.

"In Chechnya, local authorities carried out a large-scale anti-gay purge, rounding up and torturing dozens of men because of their presumed homosexuality. Parliament decriminalised acts of domestic violence not involving serious bodily harm."

To me, hanging out with Putin for the lols is just not good enough.

Being seen with your arm around the President of Russia isn't an honour. It shows a deep lack of empathy for those who have been arrested, tortured or killed under a brutal regime.

Maybe Conor McGregor doesn't feel it's his job to be politcial. Leave that to the politicians. But at this stage, I wonder if he would ever feel that with his great success comes great responsibility. That means you can take a stance against people who you feel treat others unfairly.

Or maybe he just doesn't give a damn.