Wednesday 13 December 2017

Study best offers for Easter grinds

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While most of us are looking forward to Easter, pity the thousands of Junior and Leaving Cert students who will spend the fortnight off school studying.

Many will also be considering grinds. While grind schools abound, and there's no doubting their value, they are expensive, so many turn online to find a solution.

Quite a number of websites offering grinds have closed in the last year, so it's worth making sure that your money isn't wasted.

A few that come recommended include:

- Themathstutor.ie offers grinds on the dreaded Project Maths course. It costs €49 until September with a free trial to check it out. Video based tutorials are available for smartphone and tablet.

- Examsupport.ie offers hundreds of study packs across all subjects. Eircom customers can avail for free via StudyHub, otherwise it costs €28-a-month, or €245 until June for full access to 400 courses.

- Digitalgrinds.ie is a DVD-based tutorial system with 30 hours of interactive videos and test. It costs €33.75 + p&p.

Don't forget that your school's teachers may be the best source for grinds - many will give them during the holidays .

Also consider hiring a good past pupil. Someone who got an 'A' in their Leaving Cert last year may relate better to your child than a formal teacher and cost less too!

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