Monday 20 May 2019

Sinead Ryan: Grey hair... not a look to dye for

Ooh, not sure about the latest fashion trend of grey hair. The 'granny chic' look is being sported by the likes of Kelly Osbourne and Pixie Geldof and is apparently huge in fashionable hair salons in New York with trendy young things begging for the ageing look.

Happily, I'll save a fortune as I have plenty of my very own, but apparently I'm missing the point. It's not about actually having grey hair, it's about dyeing already perfectly gorgeous hair, grey.

The silver streaks only work on the very young who are quite obviously taking the mickey. The rest of us should remain completely covered up with whatever bottles we require, or we're merely ageing hippies making a statement.

We've seen fashion trends come and go (and those of us with a few natural grey bits have seen them come back again), but this is one definitely not set to last.

You can handle the odd pop star doing it, but it's not a good look on your average 25-year-old. Let's hope they get over it quickly.

It makes my blood boil that Drumm was splashing out €100K on renovations while we cut up our credit cards

CAN you get over the gall of David Drumm, the former Anglo executive swanning about Cape Cod and splashing out €100,000 on house renovations ... even though he owes you and I, the taxpayer, over €8m?

When the recession hit, most of us did the sensible thing. We chopped up the credit cards, stopped going out and cut back on the shopping. We didn't put in a new kitchen or build some nice decking.

We'd be far too embarrassed to spend more money when we owe so much.

Not so our David who is doing a massive impression of still being a free-spending banker millionaire while the rest of us are paying to clear up the mess he and his cohorts created.

He's even suing his former employer for €670,000 in back pay and bonuses! Was he unclear on the meaning of the word? Whether it's sipping cappuccinos in the sunshine or renovating his sprawling mansion, the message is clear: I'm all right, Jack. But he's clearly not.


We only got wind of the decorative blitz when there was a legal dispute over the bill.

I'm as furious as everyone to see him living in the lap of luxury in one of several homes he owns, enjoying the high life and sunshine while most of us are trying to keep our own modest home from being repossessed.

How dare he decamp to Millionaires' Row with all this going on.

Anglo has even had to make provisions for directors' debts in case they're not repaid.

Drumm is just another in the long line of those at fault for our predicament who, quite simply, don't get it.

They aren't interested in hearing the frustration, the anger and sheer fear of the thousands of modest-earning taxpayers who are left footing the bill for their irresponsibility. Rather than ignoring calls to answer for his actions, he would be better off using his money to buy a one-way airline ticket home so that we can see what he has to say for himself.

Drumm was in charge during the most outrageous lending spree in Anglo and he needs to explain himself to us, his new creditor.

Drumm's latest farce should convince us, as if we needed it, that there is a world of difference between a rich man being in financial difficulty, and a poor one.

The old adage was never truer: if you owe the bank a thousand it's your problem, if you owe them a million, it's theirs.

Sorry Craig, we don't want our Saturday nights pre-recorded

I see Craig Doyle is the latest contestant in RTE's version of The Apprentice as he takes over the reins of the prime-time Saturday night slot which he'll present ... er, on a Wednesday.

Yes, he's too busy apparently with other commitments, primarily on ITV Sport, to actually come over from his home in London to present the show live.

Craig is the second of three 'try-outs' for the show -- along with Brendan O'Connor and Gerry Ryan -- to see who's the best candidate. But surely what the viewer really wants is a live show with great guests -- the host is not the most important factor.

A pre-recorded effort, with all the fiddling the editing process brings, loses much of the impact and sparkle of a seat-of-the-pants show.

If Craig isn't available then someone else should be selected, or if he's that good, then RTE ought to wait until his commitments elsewhere finish.

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