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Make a call on the right package

A survey by Carphone Warehouse has shown that confusion still reigns among customers when choosing which mobile phone package is suitable for them.

Some 57pc would switch to get a better deal on their contract if they found one, which is great and shows the engagement people have. However, battery life, data storage and contracts pose the most problems and it can sometimes be bewildering to work out minutes, data, monthly fees and all the other things which you need to ask before deciding who to give your money to.

The company have created a website which compares different offers and lets you check if you're entitled to an upgrade. It includes comparisons such as camera, screen size and connectivity. As they deal with a range of operators, it's unbiased.

Another option is to download the KillBiller app which assesses your actual use of data, calls and texts and compares it with the plans available on the market.

But you can't beat asking questions. Write down all the things that are important for you with your phone - some people for instance need a top quality camera, for others they simply want to make lots of calls - and you'll find that there's a plan for you. It will also mean that you're not paying for options you don't need. Staff in most phone shops, I've found, are knowledgeable and helpful, even with a Luddite like myself!