Thursday 18 April 2019

Fare play to One Big Switch on taxi move

RTE spent €388,000 on taxi fares around the capital.
RTE spent €388,000 on taxi fares around the capital.

One Big Switch has moved into the taxi business. Well, they're undertaking a survey to see if they can secure lower fares by getting 10,000 people signed up as they have with energy and health insurance.

I use taxis a lot and rarely have problems, although you can still find grumpy drivers and fares to take your breath away. I do get frustrated when they clog up city streets (Fade Street in Dublin 2 an obvious example) as unofficial taxi ranks late at night when you're trying to drive home.

I use apps like Hailo all the time because they're quick and safe, particularly for women who want the identity of their driver.

So, I'll be interested to see what the latest campaign achieves. Let's hope it does result in lower fares - we would all use taxis more often if this was the case and it frees up city traffic too. Check www.onebigswitch.ie

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