Friday 15 December 2017

Chip law is good news for dogs and their owners

chip dog
chip dog

I'm delighted to finally see new legislation forcing dog-owners to microchip their pets.

The law, which comes into place from September for new puppies will be followed through for older dogs in March 2016.

Although it's to stop animal trafficking, it will also identify marauding dogs and strays.

It breaks my heart to see animals, abandoned by owners who didn't realise the work involved in housing a dog, ending up under a car or shivering in the cold.

Chipping costs around €20 to €50 and is a very minor procedure.

It carries a code on a device around the size of a grain of rice, which can be scanned by a vet to see who the owner is.

Charities like www.bluecross.ie and www.dogstrust.ie often offer cheaper rates to owners who are financially strained and should be supported where we can.

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