Sunday 20 January 2019

Marisa Mackle: Looking good isn't easy when you're due

There's a baby boom going on right now. Yes, the bump is back with a vengeance. The recession and the bad weather this winter has probably contributed to the vast number of babies due this year.

After all, people need to stay warm and when funds are low and it's wet and cold outside, staying in becomes the new going out. But I'm honestly glad I'm not pregnant this summer. I mean, have you seen how depressingly gorgeous today's mummies-to-be are?

I remember when I was a young child and lots of my friends' mummies were expecting, they wore hideous flowery smocks that made them look like they were expecting baby elephants. And who could forget the God-awful denim dungarees that should have been banned from the market? They made every pregnant woman look like a fat, Farmer Joe!

Even when I was expecting Gary I found it difficult to find any flattering clothes. I ended up buying a lot of large size clothes, which looked more appealing than the regular maternity clothes.

I think I might have even bought a few man-size tops, too. In the end my saving grace was a wine-coloured, velvet Juicy Couture tracksuit which I bought in Nelo maternity shop for a small fortune. But I reckon I didn't take it off me for the last three months of pregnancy, so it was well worth the money.

I remember buying one black going-out dress to party in. Designer maternity dresses cost so much you wouldn't want one in every colour! When you buy gorgeous clothes you expect to get years out of them, but you never want to see maternity clothes after you've given birth so it doesn't make sense to splash out on a whole wardrobe.

But hats off to those who do manage to look perfect during pregnancy. I envy them. There was nothing elegant about my pregnancy. I carried a plastic bag around with me to get sick into and during the snow I wore an extra large fake-fur coat that made me look like a moving mountain.

I did go to a couple of society events so as not to become a complete hermit, but I never remember seeing another pregnant woman at any launch. So you can imagine my surprise this week when I bumped into my close pal and top model Sarah McGovern and TV presenter Anna Daly at the launch of Miss Chic jewellery.

Sarah, six months gone, looked sensational in a green silk non-maternity dress, and Anna looked sensational in a white T-shirt and jeans. Now I hear super-stylish Aisling O' Loughlin, from Xpose, is expecting, too. As I said earlier, I'm glad I'm not pregnant. I really couldn't handle the competition!

Marisa is the author of Along Came A Stork

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