Monday 21 January 2019

Hello ... it's all about the kiss

TI think Hello! magazine definitely made the better call on the Brangelina wedding cover. People magazine went for a small pic of the family and a full length of Angelina in the dress. Hello! opted for the quirky veil but they also had the kiss. Now to me, that's the money shot. I also really like the fact that the couple kept the whole thing quiet - they genuinely seem to value family privacy.

CCongratulations to the marketing department at Today FM on their wholly juvenile and sexist ad for a new show. They should really consider a campaign based around other sexist 'jokes'. And how about ageist and racist ones too? Now you'd really get bang for your buck there too. There'd be uproar. Well, that's the point isn't it? Enjoy your bonus as other marketing departments have to use their imagination. And yes, I believe the famous Diet Coke ad where a man is objectified to be sexist too.

II see Kiera Knightly posing topless for a magazine is being billed as a 'victory' for small breasted women everywhere. Sounds kind of shallow to me. Where is the victory in this? It seems to me she's posing in the same way bigger breasted women do. Rather than championing the small-breasted, it appears she's a hero for underweight and scrawny women.

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