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The way Clerys was closed showed no class - unlike the iconic Dublin store

WHAT a way to go.

Who would have thought that an iconic store like Clerys could close, as it did last Friday, in such a cloak-and-dagger fashion?

High Court applications for liquidators? Staff informed hours later, at 5.30pm on a Friday evening? Security men arriving at the scene, escorting locksmiths - before the shutters were slammed down.

It lacked one thing Clerys always had - class.

News of the closure and the appointment of a liquidator came as a bombshell to the 460 staff, many of whom had worked at Clerys for decades.

Frankly it was handled in a disrespectful, despicable fashion, with little notice given to employees before their jobs were axed.

Yesterday it emerged that staff will only get statutory redundancy, with no ex gratia payments in recognition of their years of service.


All this led many Dubliners to turn out in support of the workers at a protest at the store yesterday.

But it wasn't just Dubs that would frequent the store. As a Kerryman, personally I've had a soft spot for Clerys since I was a child.

My mother took me from Listowel by train to the capital at the age of eight, and our first port of call was, of course, Clerys.

To this day I remember being dazzled by the treasures on display.

It was all such a contrast to the way things ended last week, and the shoddy and disrespectful manner in which were workers were treated. We live in different times now.

I can only imagine how upset and betrayed many workers feel today. My heart goes out to them.

I hope that some justice will prevail for the staff. But given events to date I won't hold my breath.