Friday 24 November 2017

Kitman's no easy job, so FAI must pay more for one

Legendary Ireland kitman Charlie O'Leary
Legendary Ireland kitman Charlie O'Leary

JUST €50-a-week on top of your dole to carry the kit for the Irish soccer team?

I must say I was surprised to read of an ad for this position. That was until I saw the word 'JobBridge', a scheme that many have poured scorn on since it was launched in 2011, believing it to be just a gimmick.

Many of the workers who've taken up work on the scheme have described their status as demeaning, with little chance of a real job.

The FAI are using JobBridge to recruit a kit room assistant, a person to do laundry and clean up the dressing rooms.

Legendary Ireland kitman Charlie O'Leary (above) says he found it funny that his old position was up for grabs. He also warned it's "hard graft" and not an "easy job".

If that's the case maybe the FAI could stretch to paying a bit more than €50-a-week to whoever gets it.

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