Sunday 17 December 2017

Jessica has the right idea on diets

The newly crowned Miss Ireland Jessica Hayes admits that she likes her grub. Not for her these new fangled vegan or paleo diets. 
No sir. She tells us she relishes tucking into a good old fashion fry-up from time to time and the very odd jumbo breakfast roll. 
 Well, not quite. But she does say she's happy to eat whatever she wants, as well as working out three times a week.
 Now this is a girl after my own heart. I've never been one for diets and I've seen dozens come and go in my time. But there's no substitute for decent grub, the odd pint, working away in the garden and walking the dog.
 Of course there's no money in this for the diet industry and that's probably why you never hear of it. But trust me, it works.
 All that good, wholesome food must be doing the business for Jessica because she looks fantastic.
 Best of luck to her in the Miss World contest next November.


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