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Is Pat's swipe at RTE sour grapes?

NNewstalk's flagship presenter Pat Kenny has taken a swipe at the new current affairs show Claire Byrne Live.

The veteran broadcaster came out this week with some interesting comments on the RTE show, not least: "Obviously none of this would have happened if RTE hadn't killed The Frontline in the first place".

"It won't affect my show," Pat stated, adding he wished Byrne the best. Of course this is the same Pat who jumped ship from RTE for a more lucrative career with Newstalk, and will return to TV screens with UTV early next year.

Sorry Pat, but your rather petulant outburst against your former employer feels a little more like sour grapes than fair comment. It goes without saying that Claire Byrne will make an excellent host of the new RTE show, which may well outdo The Frontline.

She is incisive and a fearless interviewer and I for one am looking forward its first airing. Maybe Pat will tune in for a look too.