Saturday 19 January 2019

I know the Scots and they'll vote No tomorrow

Scottish voters go to the polls tomorrow in what's truly an amazing and historic phenomenon.

After centuries of union with England voters will decide at the ballot box if they are to go it alone and attain Scottish independence.

Current polls show that the race is neck and neck.

More than 4 million Scots are eligible to vote and there will be a high turn out.

The debate whether to go it alone or stay in the union has been long and divisive, with all the big guns in the political establishment pulled out in the last few weeks campaigning for a No vote.


There have been dire warnings, scaremongering on a monumental scale, and all kinds of inducements and cajolements offered to the voters to stay in the union.

Even our own Bob Geldof has got involved.

I have a special interest in the outcome as my wife was born and raised in Edinburgh and I have spent many happy times holidaying there over the years with her and the children.

In fact, the place is something of a second home to me.

Thursday's vote will come down to that eternal dilemma - the heart vs the head. Like my wife, my heart says yes but my head says no.

So I believe that when voters reflect on this momentous decision in the silence of the election booth tomorrow, the head will ultimately win out.

I'll stick my neck out and predict a narrow No vote.

But whatever way it goes, I'll still look forward to my next visit.

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