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Get over it ... Marian's interview was fair

II've previously praised author Marian Keyes for coming out so publicly about her battle with depression. I admire her courage and honesty, and the way she has recounted her personal odyssey in combating this illness, which afflicts many people in their lifetime. I tuned in to the Marian Finucane show the other weekend to hear an interview with Marian Keyes, carried out by her veteran broadcaster namesake. It was an honest chat, but with an unhappy ending - well from Keyes' side at least. Afterwards the writer tweeted that Finucane "has the compassion and empathy of a cardboard box". Ouch. I must admit that I thought the criticism was undeserved, and the interview fair. Keyes said that after her slot she did not sleep for 43 hours. Honestly, I think she needs to get over it.