Saturday 20 January 2018

Gerry O'Carroll: Thank god this dangerous liar couldn’t fool the court

GERARD O’Hara’s claim that he was having a psychotic episode when he killed his girlfriend is a lie. And the explanation was properly rejected by the Central Criminal Court.

I have no doubt that he feigned mental illness to cover his sickening crime.

O’Hara turned up at a garda station, pulling his hair out, presented police with a letter, and from there embarked on a plot to pretend he suffered from insane urges, which caused him to strangle.

As a murder investigator I dealt with people who were genuinely insane; people who were truly mad and out of their rightful mind when they committed grotesque crimes.

The evidence in this case does not point to anything like that, I believe, based on a number of important details.


The judge would have taken into account that O’Hara did not have a history of treatment for severe mental or schizophrenic episodes.

O’Hara is not mentally ill, instead he is an manipulative psychopath.

How he behaved after the murder, and his explanation of events, are hallmark of such and individual’s behaviour.

Psychos like O’Hara are excellent liars, and one of their prime ploy is to try to convince the police, and then a judge or jury, of their madness.

The stunt outside the police station, pulling his hair out and producing a letter addressed to himself, was pure acting.

He was trying to convince the authorities that he was an innocent man who had suffered from a brief moment of insanity, in which he was out of his mind.


O’Hara was not convicted of being guilty but insane. That’s because he was – and is – sane. A brutal, dangerous man, but sane nonetheless.

He made up his symptoms. Thank God he didn’t pull the wool over the court’s eyes.

I also notice that alcohol was introduced by O’Hara, as a trigger for his “terrible thoughts”.

Alcohol is only a disinhibitor. It is not like hallucinogenics, where people do implausible things as a direct result of ingesting the drug.

In vino veritas. Alcohol will reveal the true character; it will not spark a moment of insanity.

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