Monday 21 January 2019

Anyone for the first of the election promises?

The latest utterances of Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin caused me to reflect on the classical saying "beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

Or politicians in this case.

Although we're at least 18 months away from a general election Martin has already fired the first shots of the campaign.

After the disaster of the 2011 outing, when the Soldiers of Destiny were hammered at the polls and left without a single TD in the capital, the political pundits had written them off.

The obituaries had all been written. But the supposed demise of Fianna Fail has proved to be slightly exaggerated.

Like Lazarus, they've arisen from their electoral grave and are hoping to restore their fortunes and recover at least 20 seats in 2016.

How? Well, once again, the party is back to its old tricks, promising goodies for all the downtrodden and oppressed citizens.

In this case Martin is holding out the tempting prospect of adjusting the property tax for the vulnerable and "reviewing" the dreaded water taxes, due to kick in come October.

It looks like Fianna Fail is back to its old and well-worn tactic of auction politics.

But this time, we're wiser. We've been caught out before with these old lures. We're now up to your old wilds and stratagems - you won't catch us again.

Or at least I hope not.

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