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Gerry O'Carroll: Dwyer's depravity shocked the whole nation, so life must mean life for him

Graham Dwyer faces a mandatory life sentence for the murder of Elaine O'Hara
Graham Dwyer faces a mandatory life sentence for the murder of Elaine O'Hara
Ian Bailey
Jill Meagher was killed after a night out in Melbourne, Australia (Victoria Police/PA)

Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o'erwhelm them, to men's eyes.

So wrote William Shakespeare four centuries ago.

This quotation kept going through my head as I followed the extraordinary details of Graham Dwyer's trial.

After weeks of the most disturbing and shocking evidence ever heard in a criminal murder trial in this country, Dwyer was convicted of the murder of childcare worker Elaine O' Hara.

I can't ever recall such sordid sexual acts being outlined in such graphic detail in an Irish court. It was dubbed 'the trial that shocked the nation' with good reason.

Much of this interest was down to the fact that the killer was a respectable middle-class professional, a married father-of-two, living the dream in the leafy environment of Foxrock.

As such, the evidence revealed the sheer banality of evil.

How easy it was for a monstrous human being like Graham Dwyer to live amongst us unnoticed, and live such an outwardly normal and ordinary life.

This trial also revealed the seedy and sordid world of BDSM in Ireland, much of which is fuelled by activities on the internet.

Vulnerable and emotionally damaged, Elaine O'Hara resorted to websites that catered for such sick perversions. This ultimately had tragic and lethal consequences.

It was on one of these websites, alt.com, that Elaine O'Hara first encountered Dwyer - a perverted psychopath obsessed with violent sexual acts, including stabbing and cutting.

One of the most horrifying, distressing and depraved videos shown to the court was Dwyer humiliating and stabbing Elaine O'Hara during a sexual encounter with her.

After reading of this I had no doubt that this evil monster was capable of stabbing Elaine to death and leaving her in a shallow grave in the Dublin Mountains.

Graham Dwyer is a dangerous human being with a savage blood-lust and I believe him to be totally beyond rehabilitation.


That's one reason why last Friday's verdict was so important. This man should never be on the streets again.

Credit must go to the jury. It is almost impossible for any ordinary person to fathom the depths of evil and depravity of this monster masquerading as a human being.

Yet the jurors heard evidence as to his behaviour and came to a considered decision.

Despite all the fears about a lack of direct forensic evidence on the body they saw fit to convict him.

In the next couple of weeks Graham Dwyer will appear again in court to be sentenced to the mandatory tariff of life in prison.

Given our knowledge of Dwyer's sick and compulsive obsessions I sincerely hope that in this instance that life will mean life.

They should throw away the key.


Life goes on for everyone except Sophie Toscan du Plantier's grieving family

IT is over 18 years since Sophie Toscan du Plantier's battered body was found near her holiday home in Schull in west Cork.

After nearly two decades of investigations, court cases and appeals we still do not know who murdered the Frenchwoman.

This week Ian Bailey lost a case he brought against the State alleging a garda conspiracy to implicate him in the murder.

After five months of evidence it took the jury just over two hours to dismiss Bailey's action. He now faces a legal bill of €5m.

How will he pay this massive bill? Who knows. I somehow imagine that it will fall to the taxpayer to pay the legal eagles who battled it out week after week.

Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey

What now for Ian Bailey? He was arrested twice by investigating gardai but has never been charged (and denies any involvement in the murder).

There were reports yesterday that Bailey may face trial in France in relation to the French filmmaker's death - in his absence.

This whole sorry affair may yet wind up in the criminal courts here, of course.

Witness Marie Farrell may face a perjury enquiry after Mr Justice John Hedigan referred her evidence to the DPP.

Meanwhile, a number of gardai, who for years endured the distress of Bailey's allegations hanging over them, have had their reputations cleared. They can now get on with their lives, as can Mr Bailey himself.

But what of Sophie Toscan du Plantier's grieving family? After all the evidence, the verdict this week and the subsequent media coverage they are still left without justice.

That should not be forgotten.

Hero: Shane Long

Shane Long's 91st minute equaliser against Poland has kept alive the slender hope that Ireland will still make it to Euro 2016.  The super sub came off the bench to score a last gasp goal, which keeps us in the race, for now. Next up Scotland. Here's an idea - keep it level until the 89th minute and then bring Long on.

Zero: Fr Joseph Olickal

Catholic priest Fr Joseph Olickal made a most offensive comment about murdered  Jill Meagher who was attacked while walking home in Melbourne in 2012. He suggested she should have been in bed at the time. This comment was unbelievably ignorant and insensitive. He’s apologised, but the damage has been done.

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