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New card rule will be unworkable - McNulty

LAOIS manager Justin McNulty believes the new black card rule advocated by the Football Review Committee will prove "unworkable".

McNulty has responded to the FRC proposals aimed at tackling cynical fouls by claiming there isn't too much wrong with Gaelic football as it currently stands, while his Westmeath counterpart Pat Flanagan has gone even further - he craves a return to the physicality of old.

The FRC's original blueprint -- which would see yellow-carded players sent off for the rest of the game and replaced by a substitute, with no replacement allowed beyond the first three yellow cards per team - was modified this week in the wake of strong opposition, with several managers leading the charge.

Now, instead, we'll have a new classification of five fouls - falling between yellow and red - with the offender receiving a black card and banished to the stand. Once more, only the first three offenders per team can be replaced by a substitute.

But even this latest modification is attracting heat from the dugout.

"They're trying their best to make changes in the game, to make it a better spectacle. Myself personally, I don't think there's that very much wrong with our game," McNulty argued.

"Our games are the best sport in the world, in my mind.

"I don't think it needs too much meddling with."

As for the new black card proposal, the Laois boss maintained: "I think the implementation of that rule will be too difficult, too messy. It's unworkable in my mind."

Asked about other FRC proposals focussing on the advantage rule, pick-up and 'mark', he replied: "As I said, I think there's not very much wrong with our game as is."

Westmeath boss Flanagan, speaking after his side's Bord na Móna O'Byrne Cup loss to Laois, declared: "I think we should get back to basics as far as Gaelic football is concerned.

"It's a man's game, and I just honestly would like to see us going back to a little bit more physical contact.

"Some of these frees - and the referees have to do exactly what they're told - but I would like it to be more competitive and allow more tackles to go in and not to be so 'giving' with the cards. I'd like to see referees holding off a lot more on them."