Friday 24 November 2017

McGeeney: Managers work extremely hard

KIERAN McGEENEY has become the latest team boss to join the debate raging over whether inter-county managers should be paid.

Without saying whether he supported the concept of regulated payments, the Kildare manager argued that they work far harder than what many people perceive ... and he was withering of those commentators who talk openly on the topic without realising the extent of that commitment.

"We work hard, we work harder than a lot of people realise," McGeeney said.

"I see a lot of people talking about inter-county players and writing reports ... and yet none of them seem to know what they actually do or give.

"I probably would suggest that people do a wee bit more homework before they comment on it. That would be the only comment I have on it."

Strangely, given the blanket coverage all week of Paraic Duffy's discussion document on the issue, McGeeney was initially bemused by a question on the matter, saying: "I didn't get to read it. We don't be given it. Was it put in the papers, was it? It wasn't sent out to me."


Duffy's report was debated last Saturday at a discussion forum in Croke Park, where county board chairmen, secretaries and Central Council delegates had their first chance to mull over its contents.

The overall message seemed to be that county officials are determined to preserve the GAA's amateur status, with little obvious support for Duffy's most radical option to stymie under-the-counter payments - that managers could be paid upfront in a regulated fashion.

Afterwards, a brief GAA statement revealed that a written submission will be made by each county after their own internal discussions by February 24, in the "next phase of the consultation process".

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