Sunday 17 December 2017

For better, or a whole lot worse

YYou have to love Brian and Vogue, and the manner in which they are so charmingly self-effacing. Not for them a doe-eyed worshipping of each other, based on their mutual perfection.

Describing how Brian reminds her of her sadly-departed dad, Vogue revealed one of the things they had in common.

"They both smoke their faces off, and drink vodka."
 It's refreshing to meet a couple who understand those marriage vows that say "for better, for worse".

jYou can look at the Cannonball Run in two ways. Some may see it as a noble fundraising project for charity, which allows wealthy car owners to enjoy a weekend with their beloved vehicles. Others may view it as a vulgar display of ostentatiousness by moronic petrol-heads.
 It does, however, propagate one of the oldest stereotypes in the book. At the launch of this year's event, three blonde models, who shall remain nameless, recalled how they panicked when some smoke started coming out of their car's engine during last year's run.
"It was actually quite scary," said blonde number one. "We got quite a fright."
 The three girls then revealed that they're hoping to do the route together in a Lamborghini this year.
 But if they knew their cars, they'd know that Lamborghinis only have two seats.

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