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Dan White: The best thing that BoI's Goggin can do is? Stay away, don't come back

WHEN it comes to sheer brass neck the former Bank of Ireland boss Brian Goggin is in a league of his own.

This is the man who stood down as Bank of Ireland chief executive in January 2009 after the taxpayer was forced to stump up €3.5bn to keep the stricken lender afloat.

The State has since pumped in another €650m with more likely as Bank of Ireland seeks to raise a further €2bn of fresh capital to meet the stringent new capital requirements laid down by the Financial Regulator.

In other words, the cost to the taxpayer of Goggin's disastrous reign as Bank of Ireland chief executive is over €4bn and rising.


One would have thought that having presided over such a financial train-wreck the least that Goggin, who received a €650,000 annual pension from Bank of Ireland when he left, would do is quietly disappear.

But no, after a "decent" interval out of the limelight it appears that Goggin is back.

He is fronting up a bid by private equity group Apollo to buy distressed property loans from the Irish banks and the Irish subsidiaries of foreign banks.

If Goggin and his pals get their way then they will buy these loans at a hefty discount and, when the property market recovers in a few years, flog them on at a profit.

Yes, that's right folks. Having presided over the creation of the banking crisis with his risky lending policies at Bank of Ireland, Goggin now hopes to profit from that mess by buying those loans on the cheap.

Has this man no shame? Does he not realise the outrage felt by Irish taxpayers, who were raped and pillaged to pay for the banks' blunders, towards the former bank bosses?

It was the need to pay for the mistakes of the former bank bosses that forced this country on to the tender mercies of the EU and the IMF last November. These guys, and they're all guys, are economic traitors so far as most people are concerned.

And now, as if nothing had happened, Goggin is back. Well Brian, rather a lot has happened. This country's reputation has been dragged through the mud by the irresponsibility and worse of Goggin and his fellow former-bank bosses. A generation of taxpayers has been beggared to pay for their blunders and this country's economic sovereignty has been ceded to Brussels and Frankfurt.

And it's your fault Brian. Do you not look in the mirror when you shave every morning and shudder at the sheer extent of your folly and ineptitude?

About the best that could be said of Goggin was that, when the full extent of the mess he had created at Bank of Ireland became apparent in early 2009, he went quietly and quickly.


This compared favourably to the farcical situation at AIB where former boss Eugene Sheehy, who didn't announce his intention to "retire" until April 2009, hung on in his job until November of that year while the government and the AIB board squabbled over who his successor should be.

Well Brian my advice to you is that, now that you're gone, you should stay gone. The last thing any of us want is to have you attempting any sort of a comeback.

You have already cost the Irish taxpayer an absolute fortune. Don't even think about mounting a repeat performance.