Monday 18 December 2017

CoLIn Farrell's back in fashion ... pity it's only for an overblown TV ad

Three years ago, pillow-lipped thespian Jonathan Rhys Meyers appeared in one of the more cringe-inducing advertisements of modern times, pouting and mincing his way through a 30-second plug for Hugo Boss aftershave.

His acting career having stalled at that stage, and hitting the headlines primarily due to drink-fuelled arguments in airports (three times in the previous three years), perhaps Jonathan saw this as a chance to re-launch himself in the public consciousness, and give his career a badly-needed kick start.

If that was his hope, it proved to be a forlorn one.

His most recent TV series, Dracula, has been canned after one series and his Boss ad seems in hindsight like a subconscious admission that his days as a star were numbered, and he should take the money while he could.


Which brings us neatly onto Colin Farrell. A newspaper revealed yesterday that Colin has been filming on the Italian island of Stromboli with Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino.

An all-action production set against the background of an active volcano, liberally peppered with beautiful models, it is described as "James Bond-esque", and will see Farrell adorn movie and TV screens around the world coming up to Christmas.

There's only one slight problem, however. The "production" in question is not a movie, it's an advertisement.

The project which Farrell is currently filming is a multi-million dollar campaign for Italian designer label Dolce & Gabbana, with Colin set to become the new face for this iconic brand, and represent their smart, sexy and sophisticated image on screen, and on billboards, all over the world.

Or, to put it another way, he will flog their suits.

It is a strange, and disturbing, Rhys Meyers-esque move for Colin, who has appeared in three movies this year, and is set to star in another three next year, none of which most people will remember.

Now is the time that one would have thought Colin should be choosing his scripts more carefully, and trying desperately to find a movie that will showcase his undoubted talents.

Because if any actor needed a decent movie, it's Farrell. Without a hit to his name in over a decade, it's a long time since Colin seemed destined for super-stardom following the golden summer of 2002, when he starred in both Phone Booth and Minority Report.


Nowadays, he seems, just like Rhys Meyers, to hit the headlines only because of his private life. And, just like Jonathan, his next project will see him moving to television as the star of the upcoming True Detective series, a move which usually signifies the drying up of decent movie scripts coming his way.

As they both approach their 40th birthdays - Farrell is just one year older than Rhys Meyers - it seems rather poignant to observe the career trajectory of two of Ireland's greatest actors, who started their careers on the Dublin stage, but who will be remembered by most people as something else.

Clothes horses for fashion brands.

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