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Colette Fitzpatrick: Sorry girls, secretly rating your date on his manners and looks is sexist


"It's just another stupid way to pit women against men."

"It's just another stupid way to pit women against men."

"It's just another stupid way to pit women against men."

You know when a founder of something refers to it as "provocative" or "ground-breaking" that it's probably offensive and controversial.

The Lulu dating app has been described thus and it's sexist and objectifying. Lulu allows women on Facebook to 'evaluate' men based on their romantic, personal and sexual appeal.

It is a women-only space, described as "a private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly" (so far, so good) about the weaknesses and strengths of the manners, 'appearances, spending habits and career ambitions of men. That is, totally objectifying them.

Think about it. If this app was for men and about women, there'd be uproar. It's just sexist double standards.

Firstly Lulu is not consensual. The men didn't sign up to potentially being harassed or abused. Secondly, maybe the couple just didn't get on. Maybe they weren't compatible? Aren't you incompatible with everyone you ever date until you meet 'the one?'

None of us can be summarised. This is not just the girls chatting. It's potentially slanderous. Getting a positive evaluation isn't OK either. I would think that's sort of creepy.

Lulu doesn't help women in any way. It's just another stupid way to pit women against men.

Feminism and equality isn't about exacting some sort of reverse vengeance on men for decades of oppression. It's about creating an equal society and not rowing in behind gender stereotypes and ways to make people feel lousy about themselves.