Saturday 16 December 2017

Colette Fitzpatrick: Lesbian mums make damn good parents

"I HAVE something to tell you."

The scene is a nervous young man sitting across from his parents.

"Well, I'm straight," he says. The parents are his two dads, a gay couple, and we're watching a EU advert to promote understanding and tolerance of families where both parents are gay and are rearing a child or children.

"Children raised by homosexuals do not necessarily become homosexuals" is the tag line.

Unbelievably many still believe that you can 'catch gay' or be influenced to become homo- sexual, when you're not so predisposed, just by being around or being raised by gay men or women.

This week I interviewed a young man who has two mums. Two lesbian parents who brought up Conor and his brother Darragh. Both boys were carried and given birth to by Anne, one of their mums, who used donor sperm from a friend of a friend.

Conor is one of the most well- rounded, smart, polite and easy- going guys that you could meet and his outcome, according to studies, remain the same as children raised in traditional families.

That's a fancy way of saying that he'll be as able to deal with key milestones in life, such as forming relationships, going to third-level education and getting a good job, as a child raised in any conventional family.

I wonder does Conor have a greater understanding of women, being brought up by two of them, given that we're constantly told how complicated we are?

Perhaps we're still as mysterious to him as ever.

There's really only one fly in the ointment as far as I can see and that's for Conor's girlfriend or potential fiance.

Two mother-in-laws?

Just imagine. One is challenging enough. But two?

Now there's the catch for any daughter-in-law...

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