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C'mon, pucker up - it's good for you ... and good for sick kids in Crumlin

In case you still haven't puckered up for a good cause, here's a few good reasons to get in on the #kiss4crumlin social media craze in aid of Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumin.

The act of kissing is actually healthy for you. It improves your skin, helps circulation, prevents tooth decay, and can even relieve headaches! No excuses, so.

It also burns calories. While just a quick peck on the cheek uses only two muscles, a passionate kiss is said to use 34 muscles in your face. You'd burn about 26 calories. Kiss for an hour and I'd say you could skip your trip to the gym.

The endorphins you release when kissing are said to be 200 times more powerful than the drug effects of morphine. Why sacrifice your health and well being over illegal drugs when you can just kiss all day?


And did you know that there is a word for the study of kissing? It's called philematology and it focuses on kissing and what it means in different cultures.

There's also a word for the fear of kissing, called philemaphobia. It ranges from those who have a mild fear of puckering up due to inexperience or those who have a severe fear due to a fear of germs.

Remember, unbrushed teeth and bad breath are a big turn off. There's simpler word for that - hygiene.

And here's a fun fact: during the Middle Ages people signed legal contracts by making an "X" on the document and then kissed it to pledge their honour. That's how 'XX' became shorthand for a smooch.

Now you know.

#kiss4crumlin is all about posting a picture or video of you kissing someone you love or blowing a kiss to someone you fancy, asking others to pucker up too and texting the word 'kiss' to 50300 to donate just €2 to Crumlin Children's Hospital.

Get kissing. XX.