Thursday 14 December 2017

C'mon ladies, we can see your straps

The one good thing to come from the end of the good weather is the end of the good weather fashion disasters. You've surely seen them. The chief offender is the croc - the summer equivalent of winter's Ugg. Big, bulbous and rubbery, if you're under nine you just about get away it.

Meanwhile, invisible bra straps and toeless tights are neither invisible nor toeless. We can see them, ladies, digging into your flesh. How difficult is the concept of actually wearing underwear under your clothing? Elsewhere it's statement t-shirts, low-slung jeans slung too low and the 'overhang'.

The latter's when your toes curl or hang over the top of your sandal or squeeze out of that peeptoe. Like you have overweight feet. In the A to Z of fashion transgressions, the overhang runs away with the top prize.

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