Sunday 9 December 2018

Classes not glasses? That's the sobering news

The number of students who've have chosen to live in alcohol-free accommodation at one Irish university is now up to 24.

That may not sound like much but, in fact, it's quadrupled - and a third of them are Irish.

Almost 50 students originally applied to live in alcohol-free housing at UCC this year but some dropped out after they either changed their minds or didn't fully understand the scheme.

The scheme only began as a trial last year with 6 students taking up the option. So do the increased numbers mean we're changing our attitude to alcohol?

In the past, many students sacrificed decent grades on the altar of the student pub.

Many were only trying to have continuity with their friends and fit the 'one size fits all' student - boozy and crazy.

Images of drunk students sprawled on the floor were installed in parts of UCC in the past. The life-size vinyl floor stickers were accompanied by a poster showing hundreds of Facebook 'likes'.

They were designed to warn students that what they do on a night out can be captured on social media platforms.


And a recent survey conducted by The University Observer in UCD revealed that the number of students drinking excessive alcohol has risen since the recession.

Some 78pc of students surveyed said they suffered memory loss as a result of alcohol consumption on a night out, compared to 67.9pc in April 2009.

Maybe students have the same rent problem in Cork as they do in Dublin and that's why they're opting for 'dry' digs.

There is by the way, a 2 to 1 ratio of female to male students in the booze-free flats.

Hopefully, unlike typical Irish guys, they will be able to make their approach without the drop of courage.

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